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NARSSA Makes Social Security Advisory eLearning Platform Available to WSB Members

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The WSB Certified Social Security Analyst receive access to Social Security optimization software that analyzes Social Security income, and provides the ability to show the exact amounts of lifetime and annual Social Security benefits a person will receive for any number of different claiming ages depending on their specific circumstances


National Association of Registered Social Security Analysts

Aug 19, 2021, 08:07 ET


MELVILLE, N.Y., Aug. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The National Association of Registered Social Security Analysts (NARSSA), the leader in expert Social Security education and training for Financial Professionals, has announced a partnership with World System Builder (WSB), a large partner of World Financial Group (a Transamerica Company) the leading community of financial professionals on a mission to deliver the best financial education to their clients and revolutionize the financial service industry through a reliable, build-able system.

With over 75 million baby boomers, all who will be Social Security eligible over the next six years, the demand for expert Social Security planning advice is unprecedented. Through its five-module online course, NARSSA educates Financial Professionals on all aspects of Social Security, including the use of its leading-edge technology running multiple claiming strategy scenarios and producing a user-friendly client report detailing what elections to make and when to make them. This often results in thousands of dollars in additional benefits which can ultimately be hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on the clients' longevity. With there being so many factors including: relationship status, disability, dependents, pensions, and more, people are relying on the advice that they get from their advisors to ensure that they are receiving every dollar that they have earned and are entitled to. NARSSA helps advisors deliver that valuable service to their clients.

Financial professionals who complete the NARSSA course and who earn their RSSA credential are trained to deliver expert Social Security planning advice within their practice that serves to enhance the relationship with their existing clients and is a highly effective way to acquire new clients. Many advisors recognize the value of maximizing and optimizing their clients Social Security benefits within the scope of providing their clients with fully comprehensive retirement plans. Often, clients do not realize that their total benefits can reach into the millions of dollars over their lifetime. RSSAs help ensure that they are getting every dollar that is owed to them.

"We are delighted to establish a relationship with World System Builder," said Todd S. Whiton, CEO of NARSSA. "This partnership is highly compelling as WSB fills a unique void in the financial services landscape." Whiton continued, "WSB has a strong social mission component to its advisor program and providing those advisors with the ability to assist their existing and prospective clients with their Social Security planning is central to both of our organizations values and mission."

WSB Founder Xuan Nguyen says, "WSB exists to help its members to educate and improve the lives and retirements of their clients. Financial literacy in all forms is central to our vision and values. Giving our members the tools and training necessary to help their clients and communities have more profitable retirements is something we are happy to support through our relationship with NARSSA." is a Copyright © 2021 Kairos Solutions Group, LLC. 

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