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The following programs are recognized as some of the premiere digital training programs in the industry and each offers a unique approach to learning.  Each program has content available for all levels from beginner to advanced and has  a level of mentoring included from an exclusive community of peers as well as from an expert that has achieved global success.  A summary of the entry-level program is provided below:

Wealthy Affiliates

Elite Starter Program

WA is a self-directed program that has an extensive library of over 400 on demand courses for you to chose from.

The program has a wide variety of tools bundled together that are useful for a digital marketers success.

The program also has a communication platform that provides you with access to a community of experts that provide information and tips that helped with their success.

This program is geared to the beginner that enjoys a more self-directed approach to learning,

A starter membership provides you with access to the comprehensive library of courses,  the bundle of tools and access to the community for approximately....$49/month*

Success Connection

Partner With Anthony

PWA is a program that focuses on affiliate marketing.

The program features a weekly podcast,  a set of affiliate marketing courses and a series of email tips and tools that you can use to get started in online marketing.

The PWA program provides a guide for affiliate success and a host of free tools. 

This program is geared to the person who is focused on an affiliate business and likes the idea of one partner.

The entry level cost is low, but the program has necessary add-on tools not integrated into the program, that can make the cost of this program equal or higher than the cost of other online courses.

The PWA entry level membership is ........$7/month*

Lurn Nation

The Fighting Entrepreneur

Lurn Nation is the training site for all types of entrepreneurial endeavors:  online, brick-n-mortar, door to door, etc.   

The program features an extensive database of courses that are very reasonably priced with many of them being free.

The lead coach, Anik Singal, has a very impressive coaching resume with some of the top names that he has worked with and a podcast with interviews from a wide variety of top experts.

Although, I recently saw the addition of a more hands-on beginner session with the company,  this program is geared to someone who is already an entrepreneur and wants additional marketing ideas or streams of revenue.

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